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Shandong Qufu (the location of Confucius Temple) maintains a profound influence of Confucian traditional culture. The project is located in Quzhou, only half an hour's drive from Qufu.

The project is shared by five families and two generations. Following special order according Feng Shui of Chinese traditional courtyard House, Building volume at North has been kept higher than the south, which is the perfect response to the owners' emphasis on the family ethical order. The surrounding buildings have a recessed arcade, and the canopy above formed the second-floored balcony directly connects the east and west buildings. The original trees in the central courtyard are all kept and preserved.

Around the main courtyard space, there are four small intimate yards between adjacent buildings, and the strip-shaped backyard between the building and the wall is connected in series to form a continuous walking system.

Southeast corner yard is the main entrance, it become the most convenient to access to this building volume, in which contains the most public program such as reception and dining.  Northeast corner yard has been defined between the new building and existing owners' father house. It generates a private entrance from the old house to the new.  Northwest corner yard is the corridor connecting to the private garden at the west side of the building.  Therefore the building volumes and courtyards/gardens/ landscapes mingled and intertwined, a series of spaces interconnected by order.

The entrances of five families facing the central courtyard encourage the interaction between family members.  The main living space such as living roomdining and bedrooms facing courtyards  guarantees good view and ventilation.  Rooftop skylight has been introduced for corridors and closet spaces.  Swimming pool at the ground floor of west building   completely open to the central courtyard.  In general, the most interior spaces had been maximized connection with outdoor natural space.

The identity of the owner is a manufacturing elite with a background in studying abroad, preferring the refined and simple style of Germany. The wall of the concrete and the lava stone of the building podium are in good harmony with the landscape elements. Mingling of aluminum panelsbricks and terracotta panels facade of floating boxes has reconciled the harsh confrontation between the concise rectangular boxes.

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