Taoyuanju Head-Office


Young Zhang   Gaoyu Xie   Zhuoheng Qin   Deam   Kaiqi Liao   Liting Qin  







This project is the old office space renovation. Designed to break the traditional monotony, repetition and even icy office space, tend to create a space similar to a recreational environment that meets the needs of employees multidimensional space setting. For example, a smaller space sometimes is more conducive to the communication between staff, even more intimate to personal relationships. Each stair is unique and interesting designed and manufactured at each level a completely different spatial experience, while connected the entire office from ground level up to fifth through a lively "cube" space series area. Different with a clear attribution of standard office space, these "cube" spaces are a variety of styles and uncertain programs, they could be reading rooms, snack rooms, gossip spaces, smoking areas, etc. They provide staff with additional kinds of temporary, relaxed and intimate spaces to enjoy, share, or simply be alone.

Setting the green wall system on the west side of the office area resolves two problems. On the one hand, plants can enjoy the intense afternoon westward sunlight exposure. By photosynthesis, plants will increase concentration of oxygen anion in the office, which benefits employees' physical and mental health conditions. On the other hand, through the plants shading, the office area is away from western exposure interference, and avoid the formation of Greenhouse effect by western exposure sunlight in the office area, therefore saved additional air-conditioning load.

Moreover, each of the plants is free to be plug in and out from the green-wall. For those who like their gardening staff, this feature also allows them to replace their desk plantation whenever they like, and thus meet their "flirtation" needs.

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