Architecture schools teach static. The branch of structural analysis based on the principle that buildings should be stationary and motionless. Civilization also teaches ”static” when it halts nomadic cultures, asserts the idea of living in one place. But the idea is less and less reflecting out contemporary lives. More and more, mobility has become a crucial element in our even-changing lives with its unprecedented speed. Wireless information technology and E-commerce have made permanent settlement less necessary. We are traveling or moving between cities, countries more frequently than ever before. We have entered the era of “new nomadism”. Starting form the model of trailer, the portable home provides improved features as following:

-          Escaping from natural disaster such as earthquake, flood therefore avoid asset-loss.

-          Introducing daylight into interior space through translucent fabric folding mechanism

-          the unit sized at6000mm× 2000mmm×2700mm(L×W×H),which can easily fit in average, can be towed by standard sedan or self- mobile; suitable for mid-size family to take it as a full functional home

-          when deployed, the usable area increases to 40sqm, including 2 bedrooms, living room, dinning room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom and foyer.

-          Rainwater collection and drainage system

-          Using automatic conveyor belt to optimize storage space 

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